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Ten Things To Remember

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Become a Publisher

Publishing is one of those stable careers that changes within the industry, but will never go away entirely. if you're looking for a career with stability and security, but one with room for creativity, you might want to become a publisher. Following are the steps you need to take to become a print publisher and a Web publisher.


Become a Print Publisher

1 - Obtain a bachelor's degree in English or some other liberal arts concentration. Although you can become a print publisher without an education, it will help you to understand the market more fully and might increase the value of your skills later on.

2 - Choose an area of expertise. A print publisher needs to align with a genre or industry in order to make better decisions about the materials you want to publish. For example, you might find that you prefer to work with suspense novels, or perhaps you like the idea of publishing books about gardening, or maybe you'd like to go a totally different path with a mainstream magazine.

3 - Decide if you want to start your own publishing company or work with a publishing house that already exists. If you decide to strike out on your own, know that you will need a significant amount of start-up cash to make acquisitions, print materials and hire staff.

4 - Learn everything you can about the publishing industry. You might want to intern first with a publishing house to learn about every aspect of becoming a publisher, or you could start with a few courses at a local university. Education and industry knowledge are key to publishing.

5 - Build contacts to keep your publishing business afloat. A publisher must always be looking for new talent and scouring the marketplace. For example, you might want to start working with a few literary agents who can bring you talent. If you're working in magazines, you'll need to hire freelancers or full-time staff to handle things like graphic art, editing, sales and advertising.

*Become a Web Publisher*

6 - Determine what type of content you'd like to publish. A Web publisher should have a niche or genre that is unique so that content is not duplicated elsewhere on the Internet.

7 - Register a domain name where your content will be published (see Resources below). Make sure that the domain is related to the type of content you selected in Step 1.

8 - Hire a Web designer or design your own website using a content management system or design software. It should be user-friendly with lots of navigation to help readers find the content they need.

9 - Monetize your website by displaying ads or signing up for affiliate programs (see Resources). This is how most Web publishers make money from their businesses, and most monetization strategies don't take much time to learn.

10 - Continue generating unique, searchable content for the Internet. A Web publisher can make a decent living from this type of business, but you have to continually supply your readers with new information. You can also partner with other people who want to become Web publishers to maximize your output.


Top 10 Online Job Search Tips

While the popularity of online job boards puts millions of jobs at one's fingertips, it has also made the job applicant pool that much bigger.  For this reason, national job search sites and the Internet as a whole have gotten a bad rap from some industry professionals as an ineffective job seeker tool; on the contrary, the Internet actually can be a great resource for job seekers -- they just need to know how to use it.

When it comes to a fruitful online job search, successful job seekers follow these 10 guidelines.

1. If you build it, they can come.
Instead of simply posting your résumé on a Web site, take it one step further and design an easily-navigable Web site or online portfolio where recruiters can view your body of work, read about your goals and obtain contact information.

2. Check yourself to make sure you haven't wrecked yourself.
Google yourself to see what comes up -- and what potential employers will see if they do the same. If you don't like what you find, it's time to do damage control.

3. Narrow your options.
Many job boards offer filters to help users refine their search results more quickly.  You should have the option to narrow your job search by region, industry and duration, and, oftentimes, you can narrow it even more by keywords, company names, experience needed and salary.

4. Go directly to the source.
Instead of just applying for the posted job opening, one of the best strategies to finding a job is to first figure out where you want to work, target that company or industry and then contact the hiring manager. Also, many employers' career pages invite visitors to fill out candidate profiles, describing their background, jobs of interest, salary requirements and other preferences.

5. Find your niche with industry Web sites.
Refine your search even more by visiting your industry's national or regional Web site, where you can find jobs in your field that might not appear on a national job board.  More and more employers are advertising jobs on these sites in hopes of getting a bigger pool of qualified applicants.

6. Try online recruiters.
Recruiters will help match you with jobs that meet your specific skills and needs.  Not sure where to start?  Sites such as,, and provide links to online headhunters for job seekers.

7. Utilize video résumés.
Video résumés are just one more way to stand out to employers.  Intended as supplements to -- not replacements for -- traditional résumés, video résumés allow job seekers to showcase a little bit of their personalities and highlight one or two points of interest on their résumés.

8. Run queries.
You run searches on everything else, from your high school sweetheart to low-fat recipes, so why not jobs?  Enter a query that describes the exact kind of job you're seeking and you may find more resources you wouldn't find otherwise (but be prepared to do some sorting).

9. Utilize job alerts.
Most job boards have features that allow you to sign up to receive e-mail alerts about newly available jobs that match your chosen criteria.  Or go a step further and arrange an RSS (really simple syndication) feed from one of these job sites to appear on your customized Internet homepage or your PC's news-reader software.

10. Get connected.
How many times have you been told that it's not what you know, but who you know?  Thanks to the emergence of professional networking sites like, job seekers no longer have to rely on the old standby of exchanging business cards with strangers.  These sites are composed of millions of industry professionals and allow you to connect with people you know and the people they know and so forth. (A word of caution: When you sign up for online social networking sites, you are in a public domain.  Unless you are able to put a filter on some of your information, nothing is private, and it can be difficult to erase once it is posted.)


25 Tips for making money online

1. Sell your own products.

2. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, i.e. don’t just rely on ads for monetization.

3. Be an Internet Publisher, not just a blogger.  Publishers make money.

4. Risley makes $15,000 x $20,000 a month, sometimes more.

5. A blog builds attention and generates leads (email subscribers).

6. Once leads are generated give them great free value and don’t be afraid to sell to them.

7. Leverage the social web (Your blog is the hub, social media, youtube, etc, are the spokes.)

8. Sell to those with fears or desire.

9. Talk about what you know, and what people care about

10. Create an ideas file for ideas of new blog posts.

11.  Whatever you market focus on your benefits.

12.  Market to emotions, but provide solid reasons for purchasing people can use to justify the expense.

13.  People want to be: Rich, Thin, and Beautiful, so target your marketing at these desires.

14.  Over half of Risley’s annual income comes leveraging from his email list.

15.  Send cool non-blog (exclusive) free stuff to your list to make your leads feel special.

16.  Use Tube Mogul and distribute videos to all channels.

17.  Get the All in one SEO plugin for WordPress.

18.  Google Adsense = The Blogger Welfare Program.

19.  Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make cash if you don’t have your own products (or even if you do).

20.  Get the Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

21.  Aweber has a great Affiliate Program with monthly payouts.

22.  Set up an Affiliate Program.

23.  Google Sitemaps Plugin.

24.  Develop Pillar content, and submit it to aggregators like Ezine Articles.

25.  Create backup content so you always have fresh stuff on the blog to keep people coming back.

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